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I detached from the norwegian grandmother who lawed a dove that time and last months I have become better, the sickness of mania of the bird was big and so needed time....

Since 2018 December. Detached state seek for to never be and good things happening.

Remembered coming to Notodden with my detaching yoga and sensed happiness walking in the main street towards Saetregata for first time. Also remember some happy sun energies when I moved in. Though this I am not an emotional person.

Opened maybe a door in mystic, bad smell was reaction..

50 000$ close to deal it but spanish person changed his her mind at

I followed law of to not give beer to some children who asked for one, though them turning out angry it was correct.

Played golf to conquer the duality of the acts done last years since 2021 and to not have the opposite act and almost no news came day after so as news are negative all relax.

Played UNO with father Nikos and tried to bring Oliver Vassvik with us. Used to win card games but was judged wrong..

Starting to pay people. Kiva and some small transactions with Vipps. Also another person but he didnt want the 400kr. Dont have much.

Brought better dark and more heat weather last months.

Tried to heal Srilas blood sickness but no result. Zyprexa would work.

Without my mother school stuff Id sleep very much relaxed and though this she was great in Sunwing except the crime she did and was great saying something about my face and was great as non social and was great coming with the umbrella when me burned to brown colour, was great sending me to psychiatry though was my grandmother psychossi mania in and not me, was great but norwegian grandmother was very sick from earlier and entered her from birth.

I remember close to house in Iraptrea Crete a great fountain of water came from up to me and I relaxed from all pain. I also remember going oiut from the house I lived in and I was in hell pain before but when out I became upifted and then the sun burned me into a brown man. I also remember my great tomato throwing and though others would law I wouldnt follow and in Holland I was finally healed and towards Boe as well. I had luck with knowing problems so I detached more and sadly norwegian grandmother wanted to live in reality and have her eyes knowledge 14 and so instead o her killing herself and us she lived in hell. Appearing happy face but her life in elderly house was disease.

Unified more personalities and got to know who I was from 1983-2000. Nothing. Something great. And if not allowed little free little clean and again nothing from 2019.

Got to know I dont have to pay taxes from 2001 til now. Saved around 1million kroners around.

I realized better that problems are lies and not existent.

I remembered what my brother liked to eat of candies.

I managed in Civilization to do good though can dualify, to offer negative news though such in game is defined as weapons energy and to then relax them by such the lands knowing of the problems detaching and getting vasilization, earth to calm down.

I somehow sent a Jesus outcome to psychiatry as Christ as police has headache and compuslive negative degrading thinking and was better but offcourse rooted in problem.

I saw social scene in psychiatry, who is who and played cards. Won mostly last times.

I finally know though root void is important that I need to have a bit self awareness, to not care, do what i want to, be truthfull and offcourse to never be as goal.

Have serious friends as serious people.

Less sex last months.

No debt, 200 000 nok removed. Can get more money and I have increased income.

Can play soccer at Sommarland area.

I realized my work since 2018 December for detach purposes was not happy focus as that was my father with his happy warfare and not me, Id rather work more boring and serious. I dont laugh no more and the anxiety I had from 2018 December was the back pain of my norwegian grandmother who turned out a demon sheep mother snake back being..

Have this more personal to me.

My enemies are on the PC soccer game as Torino and France mostly ready be be won & removed from being.

Felt as if I removed some pain by breathing from right area loung outwards.

Ate the main ruling planet demons as they cursed me and my act in eating last months 01.05.2024 I define as divine, eating mostly the aware but also sometimes the problem givers.

Manage civilization better.

Last time in Seljord became better by the help of the doctor though Linardis giving anxiety it wasnt me but my mother. Last weeks with sun weather in Boe areas..

Gave the pc game as discussion mentioning the perfect path of humanity to a nurse.

Got Odd t shirt soccer from Skien as psychiatry was great, not so much in relation stuff but in knowing to not be psychotic in form of confusion and the stuff my grandmother did.

Iris C. a friend said someone was removed, in telepaty.

Recall of good emotion today similar to Saetragata

Conquered my demon acts and told of that I was bound and got good truxal medicine effect.

Realized I was the reaction and lawed so not so bad acts and society allows a bit such reactions.

Singer tried to take my money and lost rema slip of bottles but got lucky taking it back and got a bit more in bank.

Better in detaching yoga last weeks

Spoke of apostel John prophecy to people coming to the house in Flita and got 3% good emotion.

I realized 26 manics in me awares this morning and that it wasnt me.

Won league against the 3 problem teams PC games

Masturbated at a thief in Crete to put her off as such is divine, who was angry manic and an insect came and stuck me after and I gained relax state.

Discussed about new word than surrender to Srila P.

Got a life plan if I master Zir0 state and at 1% I will go out to the world to perform an increase of such yoga for all who desire.

Gave truxal to Srila P and he said he would need many more tabs though I sent a bad thought my grandmother was sick.

Got to know I am the healing calm drugs given to remove teeth pain.

Gave to Seljord psychiatry snacks and food to calm down senses, dry sweet chocolate and dry nuts.

I never felt and was not an emotional person though in Boe there was snow of cold.

Spoke in me to norwegian grandmother of to co operate with so both could have the site.

Had more psychological defence to my forfathers and mother father and slept better. Entered into a more detached state as well for a short time.

Talked great to sadly cursed man resembling my father who had phone listening to Asia people, jail curse at a cafeteria in Notodden.

Conquered the peratzin people from childhood times. Nothing is not pedophilian and I couldnt even know how to have sex also I wasnt my grandmother animal and nothing clean free isnt shame.

I tried to co operate with a nurse and my norwegian grandmother with this site, Id offer 5% tonurse and 20% ownership as well to norwegian grandmother.

I realized my detached state was ok, as father and the tall crete woman was the senses focus.

Was a girl dont know her age who might have offered sex when we played soccer.

Decreased materialism weeks ago and some soft water came.

Darkened the yellow modern coffee Kjellsberg as it contains demonic knowledge.

Great 2023 songs, Til I found You, Calm down and some more detaching songs.

I asked a black man if he wanted money he said no, I tried to give 400kr to someone but he didnt want them.

I ate to remove the aware and problems, not to judge and hate. Since 2018 December.

I ate myself, void and if not allowed little free little clean and a nurse besides yawned.

I ate norwegian grandmother, I spread out my results in whatever non relation and she got the relax water and sent it to me so a bit OK.

Krishna with his no philosophy animal condition as well neither me, discussed about early morning awake and I got to remember the manics and went to sleep again.

Jail of hell is from yesterday removed so better off at least til now.

I gave images to psyciatry of detached scenes and they were taken, either removed into more nothing, or liked and kept or taken to destroy.

Though things start to demanifest, like my mobile and such it is good as it disolves the modern sheep mix state from my brothers weed awakening. To know to not be, to know there was problems and is. Those who are healthy and detach dont care of wars, problems, poverty and such..

Found out my evil was as the reactionist so not so evil and the first doers were mentally sick and so not so criminal if at all.

Offered food if they wanted to some in Telegata Bar who had anxiety and most got removed so more relaxed.

Spain won the final in Euro soccer, though England is a very suicide high rate land, Spain is better in such and was great.

I did one of few choosing in self to never be no more and got a bit good energy.

I have now my own smoke finally, Kent Souround. Closest to Zir0 as it gets.

Got two magic Norsk Tipping money around 80 x 2 without deposit.

A patient came lawed by an old friend who had problems as he was given severe psychotic state anxiety from mother that was in me once in school and claimed as was difficult to know that I wasnt the doer but was she as he without knowing what happend to me as child and hated me and I said then to him: "You are then a bankman who sends me 100$ this week" as he was somehow accepter of me as doers of others actions and I got the money..

Have a shirt as me gotten from Crete, black nothing and if not allowed, little clean green little light if not allowed to not be and such and a white pant.

I went back in me and went to Sisjordveien and gave detached suicide energy to mother school awakener and grandmother and so entered into the scene of eternal suicide in me in that house in 1993.

I go to bed earlier but have the three morning manics, 2 money lovers and one sex man.

Have 3 detaching sites about problems to detach but 2 money sites to watch out for to not be interested in money.

Played 2 games Zir0 against Zir0 and seeked for draw and became draw in score result and the second game was perfect. Also I won a league.

I am teeth calm down pain, I am new unique metal of magic money appearing in bank account. There was a magic metal in 2021 around that has magic money, some on net say there is another unique metal but such the later is used sadly for bombing so only the metal from 2021 around is mine.I am Grans new green beer having some truxal in it of suicide, I am the when some judge me as doer of evil actions the one who sends them the pain I was given by the others who caused me to react in evil, I am without the 6 manics the non consumer and if I consume I have done and do so to die and to detach and from 2018 December I am a worker in gambling and PC games working for detached state.

Im not social until I manage the art of nothing and give nothing to others. The demons attached to my alone condition becomes angry at whatever expression I have and last year they continue their intake of me were is as eating me as bed something not needed.

I played a game in psychiatry and the goal is to throw a tree thing to a tree thing to make the last fall and I didnt make it fall AND I touched it so I won twice.

I watered with my self the grandfather father mother grandmothers and got rela night in Skien Norway psychiatry 2 times..

I worked for detach and more peace was in Asia until the angry manic beauty woman stealer bullied a NAV worker as hore.

I tried to swim and drown, I had my grandmothers anxiety back and father and priest back anxiety and though the weather was more of cold time month it was warm and then I got afraid and by such detached a bit.

I played casino coin fake money game and won against the 6 demon consume persons and I slept and day after I was in telepathy allowed to go more out of psych, as work is better than being an aware animal and I have plans to work for either hotel, make a huge room of Karwondo a game of making self and others not be, to never be so no pain and problems and I bought the domain and also and if such plans doesnt work I will make a tavern were with vegetarian food one can as domain is to purpose of entering to detach and if energy or something awakenes one one can pick from the vegetarian menu that person energy or whatever awakenes one to eat and kill it by eating it, killing it forever, though law is to not kill if such person or energy allows killing this can be ordered of the menu. It is important to know that if an energy or person has awakened you doing it fast doesnt work, it is important to use some time to relax and then kill it him her or whatever. I define such act is divine and not evil. The tavern also has beer and drinks to order, vodka and such. The tavern can not be in lands of that doesnt allow suicide, it must be in countries that allow.

I have started to eat myself, modern black green white food and also past from 0 9.4 years old. To intake my detach and to be nothing by food consume of my own.

I had good happy zypadera last weeks.

I won against my acts of evil as I was lawed by demons, if one is detached and gets dragged and given a knife in ones hand and the law person makes you cut others it is not you who is the doer of such actions. Sadly this doesnt always gets solved.

It takes time to be perfect in Zir0 state and now Im at 20 percent around in detach.

I took back my self and sugar came.

I won against Linardis as brother had told him cause of the bird coming to Chandra 1970 around eating a seed shitting it out and causing a hash plan in the village, he told him we smoked weed and then he said, Linardis said: "With weed you become God" and people suffer and hate God so he ment that I was God as I smoked weed that time and to be God is problem as one gets hated for all problems in the world. Sadly I reacted this a lot but I knew in Skien I had psych defence problems.

I suicided and same time took the huge air in Crete when I was out as a child and it worked, now though in psychiatry it doesnt as it all goes contradicted.

I won against the cat sex as cat did same act scene as I did before when I was a child in church, field of shit and gyros shop. So cat had powers to intake me and dragged me to drag so the sex was the cat and not me.

I spoke to Fondas and night came out..

I would like to offer the Bhagavad Gita to my grandmother. Also, money one million and sand if she wants to not be anymore, to never be.

I realized I wasnt that aware pain in me, I had the grandmother my father the priest so me in me was more detached.

I realized it was a brown woman who caused the apartment destruction so I got lucky there as I did nothing in 0.32024 commited psychiatry time.

I drew an image to give sand to Asia and to make them detached and towards Seljord months ago I saw a similar sand thing driving in Seljord area.

I went wrong way when towards my apartment and once I tried to open the door below instead of mine that I chose and went to my own apartment later.

In Saetregata I knew my 2 enemies who were bad in acts and was not me who damaged the apartment causing ants to come and they burned them.

In Saetregata I never chose to eat chicken and pig meat as that was my norwegian grandmother who was demon aware problem manic truth.

I realized it wasnt me who made brother fall and though I had the thought there is telepathy and showed the older form K. who made him fall and when child I was Zir0, so was my father mothers powers in the island of Crete.

I believe France is wrong hating english people from 1983-1999 around and though the England appeared bad as is their hatred to them it was not England who was that and in 2018 December til now England was again great. Though this poverty is bad though those who are healthy dont care of pain and problems but anyway I tried to offer them money and 01% has increased. Thankfully it went OK with election cause weed is a dangerous drug.

Even though suffering in pain was there last years from 2016 it did help as Id have more pain by prophecy hell jail.

Tobacco price is cheaper removing hiv cancer cataclysm.

In Telegata struggling with 6 demons around and some bad knowledge exorcism medicine and speech sadly, below apartment I chose nothing and became a little happy energy by it, one of my few choosings in this life.

I gave an image of detach to a brown building in Seljord and some detached mystic energy came 2 times.

I am more content with Ziro meditation but only little, takes time.

Nice happy emotion from sobril zyprexa combo in psychiatry.

Nice win when I spoke of to a patient what I was doing in Wolfenstein winning against consumers aware and water came though more externally and more relaxed.

Played difficult most difficult level of soccer game and I got 2-2 score as desired playing with me.

Little free night energy after giving image to brown building to detach.

Nice try of meditation to win against the manics 5 slept better were chances were low and nurses looked amazed.

Have sobril.

Nice game cube, though appears as I lost I managed to hit it and! it didnt fell and I won next game.

Had great contact with Paal G a psychologist saying in his greateness of that he didnt like social contact swine type.

Realized it was the brown woman in the bar with her fake peace love dow snake christian belief destroying apartment and not me as same scene and I had the right to take back me from her. Also realized 8 years of pain it was the grandmother in Crete Chandra and not me and that my father was sick not me.

Turning vegetarian again.

Did excersize yoga yesterday of me winnings against evil appearing was me.

Helped some flies from nest, in Telegata and outdoors in last apartments. Gave them food too.

Played soccer and passed ball to eachother me without being birdsheep and we passed good and she offered her vagina, and I went away, dont know her age.

Was in Bulgaria and was great except some bacj pain and headache..

Had sometime in 2 apartments an experience of memory of when it was relax positive energies but not worth it without knowing problems and detaching.

Spoke great to a cursed person who listened to Asia news but doesnt matter, were humans and do mistakes.

Won 90.000 NOK in casino game.

Won 60.000 NOK at some soccer games.

Euro Cup soccer is up and I already have the teams I reckon as favourite listed.

Bolton has a chance to go up, during the evil times of modern life demonic condition Bolton wasnt that great, though up in amongst 6th place one round it was most of how the rank good was, though attaining 16th finale of uefa we lost so we werent as the teams who won as they were the what was shown as what was going on, the problem time from 2000 til 2018. We were more of the unseen, the not there those times.

I am not the swine as grandfather and father with their lies saying I dont work for detached nothng as gambler and pc gamer, they make me swine looking by belief.

I had night of mine yesterday night.

I meditated on the detached energies in me today.

I went out in forrest and drunk and managed to choose suicide by thought.

I got 1k nok.

I win against the demon manics in Wolfenstein and I removed last month some of the mania by them, around 20 percent and nurses were amazed of that I could sleep more and when I told this to one in psychiatry a great water came. I have added it to 6 other manics and in the game I have I have rounded it. I won against them yesterday in betting, over 6 winnings in games.

I win against the criminals who cause Fargo scene and hell jail potencial.

I win by reacting attack in news against the demons in Asia who make prisons to prison me in hell jail.

I have tablets removing alcohol so less thoughts for a suicide.

I had good effect on truxal zyprexa and sobril cause of my pc game gambling for detached nothing state to win in Seljord.

I try to be good in giving cock detach and Im more better horny last weeks but need to train myself much better before more and onjly use my own sex energy that was one time in this life when 13 around, I woke up with expressed sperm.

I have now better images of detaching. I won against the evil believed to be me. I tried to be vegetarian and in Seljord I was most of the time.

I have great domains for www redirect but grandfather denies and hacked and companies scam. My map of Zir0 is great with images txt docs and such.

I have peace from maybe psychiatry and neighbour took it but anyway.. Came back. I have 1 or 2 sobril left. I sleep better winning against the manics last month around.. Nurses were suprised.

I gave detached image to building brown and got a little void mystic night in Seljord.

Even though appearing as f I lost against Asians I won as I killed the devil haters and died, in Wolfenstein.

I am confused and so detached and though some say i fall to low conditions of existence of moona raasa use, drugs, narcotics, I know to not be and I work on it and it might take time to never be and by so I will never have pain and problems. That is not bad.

I have CBD producst to sell so removing weed psychosis.

I removed manic domination from the black shadow man and cleaned a bit my room.

I tried to give to those who ask and with Fivoro it could work to get the person paid yesterday.

I burned the grandmother psychotic images and text demonized and try to burn it all.

I played good pc game with car, slowing them down those manic demons so going in front of them and slowing them away and got my own house in black and a little knowing without great seek.

I told of the massive judgements and some relax high black energy came but not much. I had good emotion in Skien.

I gave image of knowing problems so for todetach and money and sand to forrest area and light came and bird laughed and so as I am not good dealing with hate to me, it is marked as the sheep psychotic so it gets blamed and not me. In Seljord.

Were better news last 4 days and I was liked also today 02.07.2024.

I gave knowing problem detached image and sleeping bag for those who need it outside with money and father got so happy that he sadly cramped.

I won in cube game and first time I hitted it, touched it but it didnt fall but thats good too as it didnt fall as fall is bad.

I did excersize as learned from psychiatry and did it little good. I said what I did with game Wolfenstein I dont attack nazies as I dont know what why and stuff they did it, I play to kill the manics and told this to one and got good water relax but then I got confused and thought I had done wrong but was an ok act.

One said and it never mattered, even great states, so to calm down.

I have naltrexon and zyprexa to suicide, if I wake up I have on PC great meditation to do.

I won against the shadow man and no longer use images illegal and edited sites.

I played Zir0 match outdoors and appeared I lost 15 - 11 but I won as psychiatry ate me during choosing meditation and so wasnt me, was psychiatry who sadly still locks me up.

I played max difficulty game and ended up 2-2 making Zir0 win both times.

I defeated neighbour threatning me hiddenly first cause he believed I was 2 others.

Though me in anxiety last years from 2016 the prophecy of hell jail was there and I risked more pain if not in anxiety.

I have now my more smoke ID removing when unity with world of hiv virus cancer cataclysm, Rød 3 Tiedemans cigarettes. Zir0 rsiri.

I won against the judgers and have an image of demons giving problems making me suffer a bit but nowand later hell severe suffering. 10.

Worked from 2018 December for nothing relax to win and became better when in this apartment Telegata 25 downstairs.

Played car taxi game were I went against the manics and one time I just drove in front of them and made them more detached.

Dont work on sundays as is a bit law.

Ate a great vegetarian burger in Notodden and the vegetarian food I eat has a bit black round circle.

Went in food store as crazy going wrong and forget what to buy cause of detached good condition.

The plant cutter and cutter to my hand half year ago was my grandmother coming inside Linardis thinking I am 2 others.

I would never believe Id conquer 3 scenes but one scene was soft shot but that was the unseen unexistent me as I hided to trick the behind player and to be able I had to not be and so as it takes time to change I wasnt there shooting soft shot. In Norway Cup I was lawed by pain anxiety house and it lawed me to do same as Rekdal in Mexico but far away from the goal. Also a penalty shot was Manos G. who is bound complex person. Though suicide is path so I dont meditate so much on great things.

Found food Zir0 detached movies to watch.

Pressed charges against me to police for stealing beers though bare øl were mine as water relax knowing the need to detach, beers came around such time, the Bare Øl. So I took me but anyway.. Also about the escort woman for we cant follow the beauty anger manic stealer.

I removed myself from shadow mans problems and washed apartment better.

Have a fasting plan since 03.07.2024

I masturbated at a woman who claimed I liked to work with pc games and gambling and gained some relax. To put her off as I started months ago.

I remembered when I went out of the house in Crete when young were they gave me much pain and I detached finally for sometime, until the bad sunburn.

Euporia pc game came in Norway, I went to Seljord psychiatry and I gained good vibes.

I thought of to give my mother zyprexa and image with pen to detached scenes.

I am stronger in warfare.

I have a smoke cigarette of my own, my type, containing the "Zir0" letters. Red 3 and in norwegian rød "ø" "o" similar is pronounced in a way of like saying: "Ehh no.." meaning no red.

I masturbated at a nurse with her psychotic mania and anxiety and got relax. I just need to work on it more to be better in it.

I attained higher psychiatry help and institution. Moved to higher places.

I thought of giving a gift to someone and later as I dont have a ringing bell in my apartment in christmas I got a gift from the goverment with a package of food something that time needed.

There was this manic hungry woman in Crete and one of them got arrested as she was might have been poor and needed to kill her child to survive and she got to jail, I tried to give her some things to have in jail.

I saw birds and tried to give them gift, sleeping bag, money coins, an image of future great state leading to problem and food and it suddenly rained.

I asked 2 people if they wanted money and they didnt want.

A person came visiting a neighbour and I asked him if he wanted to drink alcohol and that I could buy for him.

I offered my Fiviro account with 1K as maybe they pay out to someone.

I dont have much money but I have tried to send some money to someone through Vipps mobile app.

I had this site of loan and I gave 1-2 times free money, little though.

I put a detached scene image drawing I made in psychiatry and put it on the table days ago and it was either taken by someone or dissapeared.

Smoke kills and I smoke much and sometimes I get magic smoke.

I gave black colour salt to 2 manics for them to detach, one in form other in some apartment area.

I eat to remove aware and problems, not to live with demons.

I ate norwegian grandmother and I am a spreader and she took my relax and gave it back and some nice relax water came.

I made an image of to give sand to Asia that burns and I saw towards Seljord psychiatry driving there a vehicle huge carrying sand.

Christ asked me to give him something and I gave him though me not really well within image of detached scenes I have in my new apartment and he offered great sense energy heaven afterwards.

I didnt take the olanzapin medicine and attained detached mornings in psychiatry in Notodden.

I had plans to give a drawing to my mother and zyprexa and some images of detached scenes without psychotic stuff and I went to psychiatry afterwards and became better.

It was heat today early and I removed the heat anxiety by watering some of my apartment demonized, but difficult to solve.


They gave evil, I became reactionist and I risk wars.

In Norway USA Greece if a crime is done to you it is not always criminal to react but depends on the scene. If they had not been there I would not have done this. So they did it. Those below were lawed....

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Images of detached nothing scenes

Some images you can download for free about detached nothing states and scenes with some text on them about what was going on in such scenes, from all around the world and all different themes..

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Since 2018 December. Detached state & good things happening.

Remembered coming to Notodden with my detaching yoga and sensed happiness walking in the main street towards Saetregata for first time. Also remember some happy sun energies..

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My childhood and my conquers.

The impurity was my mother and father from 0 - 9,4 years. I was a demigod of weather, relaxing anxiety and I had luck with knowing problems by the black shadow man and father so I escaped..

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Calming down senses with boring food.

Food to eat for relaxation calming down the senses, a list of different food that is helping one to detach and relax better than other type of food.

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Movie reviews

A list of movie reviews of different films that has as theme a more detaching thing, ratings of some to help the user pick the best movie...

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Free gifts and cash

Want anything for free? Check out our list of free stuff, added by me and visitors.

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Videos of different detaching themes

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